December 03, 2019

Friends–Chicago Featured on Chicago Unheard

Friends of the Children–Chicago builds vital bridge between families and schools.

Chicago Unheard speaks to Friend Phalon Carpenter about her work with eight girls in the Friends–Chicago program. Carpenter not only provides support to youth, spending four hours per week with each youth – two hours in their classroom, and two hours doing activities – she is also befriending the youth's caregivers. Here's a preview of the article:

Phalon has also worked to build relationships with the school staff–from the principal and teachers to the front office clerk. "The front desk lady, she knows one of my relatives. We talk and laugh. I didn't know the teachers when I started at the school, but I'm very outgoing, and I like talking to people. Now teachers say, 'Come see me; come talk to me; let's have lunch.' It's all about building trust with people in the school."