July 15, 2019

Chicago Tribune: Kids Exposed to Violence

Friends of the Children–Chicago featured in Chicago Tribune article.

From the front page of the Chicago Tribune: 'Staggering' number of kids exposed to violence

According to a new analysis by the Erickson Institute, 60 percent of Chicago's youngest children live in communities where 91 percent of homicides took place over the last three years.

"The report underscores the need to address not just the roots of community violence, but the trauma it causes for children who live in those areas."

Friends of the Children–Chicago is featured in the article. "If there is one thing we know helps build resilience, it's a positive, consistent relationship with an adult," said Taal Hasak-Lowy, executive director of Friends of the Children–Chicago.

Friends–Chicago intentionally identifies and serves children who have been exposed to significant trauma and who do not have an adult in their life who is able to serve as their pillar of support. We start working with children when they are in kindergarten and stay by their and their family's side until high school graduation – 12+ years, no matter what.

At Friends of the Children–Chicago, we empower our youth with the relationships, goals and skills necessary to overcome obstacles so that they are best positioned to achieve life-long success. We wouldn't be able to do this without your support. Thank you!