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Youth Stories

December 13, 2019

What makes Friends of the Children–Chicago unique?

Three short stories about youth in our program.

Three things that make Friends of the Children–Chicago unique:

  1. We intentionally identify and serve the children facing the greatest risk factors such as poverty, violence and abuse.
  2. We commit to children and their families for 12+ years, no matter what.
  3. Each child is paired with a full-time, salaried and trained Professional Mentor called a Friend.

Three short stories about youth in our program:

These children all have the profound potential to change the world.

All they need is someone to stand beside them–for the long haul.

If we provide them with stability and support, they can break the generational cycle of poverty, violence and trauma. They can rewrite their own stories and lift up the community around them.

That’s exactly where Friends of the Children–Chicago comes in. Will you join us?