March 31, 2021

Self-Management in Action

Brian's Friend Felix helps him learn self-management as a tool for future success

After Brian*’s father separated with his mother, Brian became very emotionally unstable. He changed from a kid who would walk away from fights to a kid who wants to fight. Friends of the Children’s presence in his life has been helping him learn how to internalize his emotions and choose the appropriate action to take when he feels emotionally overwhelmed. Self-management is a Core Asset of our program, and Brian’s mentor Felix has been working with Brian to develop skills and strategies that Brian can use to support his social and emotional development. Felix has helped teach Brian to manage his reaction to negative stimuli by reminding him what his mother has been teaching at home as well as by teaching him strategies such as counting to ten, breathing and how to analyze his emotions before he reacts.

Brian’s teacher has also played a very big role in his life by grounding him. She has been understanding when Brian is emotional during her class. She gives him time to feel and then talks to him about the people that love him. She does this to show him that he has a network of support surrounding him and at the center of the circle is his mother.

Slowly we have been strengthening Brian by becoming a bridge to opportunities; by helping him discover the support that he has in his network; and by introducing him to different activities that stimulate his mind and grow.

*Youth's name changed to protect their identity