August 04, 2021

Positive Role Models help our Kids believe in their Greatness!

Amari* and Philicia* go to see the Obama Portraits

Amari* and Philicia* went to see the Obama portraits with Friends Lynette and Melanie. They were uninterested at first. But once the Friends explained the significance of an African American President and First Lady in a country where we are still striving for equality, Amari and Philicia’s attitudes changed. They enjoyed reading all the facts and fully immersing themselves in the exhibit.

The Friends used the exhibit to teach them about believing in themselves and striving for their dreams. They showed Amari and Philicia where Michelle grew up and where they each lived on the map to show that greatness can come out of their own communities.When asked about the importance of the experience to the girls Friend Melanie said, “Seeing Michelle Obama’s portrait and realizing that like our girls she too was a girl from Chicago who went on to accomplish so much. She and President Obama are both major inspirations to young boys and girls of color to remember we belong and can achieve whatever our hearts desire."

We believe in our kids’ greatness. We know that they are smart and talented and can go on to achieve great things. Our Friends will continue to expose them to experiences like the Obama portraits to ensure they believe in their own greatness and see themselves in their role models.