June 01, 2020

Our Youth Need Us Now More Than Ever

We are living through heart-wrenching and terrifying times. From the murder of George Floyd, rioting and looting, police misconduct, and the Central Park incident, to COVID-19 and economic hardship, recent incidents have all disproportionately impacted the communities we serve in Austin and North Lawndale.

We intentionally identified and serve the most vulnerable families, those that experienced significant trauma and hardship prior to the pandemic. The last few months have increased the needs of our families for food, health care and access to technology. Our families have needed the consistent, emotional support of our Friends (salaried, professional mentors) to navigate the increased stress caused by the quarantine and remote learning.

The onslaught of racist incidents over the last few weeks have escalated people's fear, anger and sense of hopelessness. Our youth and families need the support of a Friend, Now More Than Ever.

There are no quick fixes or short-term solutions to the hardship our families are enduring. However, the research teaches us that the best way to rebuild hope and resilience is through the presence of a positive, consistent relationship. That is exactly what our Friends provide our youth and their families.

Please join us and support our "Now More Than Ever" campaign to raise $30,000 over the next 30 days. And please consider sharing this email and campaign with your community. Together, we can continue to support our children and their families.

Thank you for helping us fulfill our commitment to our youth, no matter what.

With gratitude,
Taal Hasak-Lowy, Executive Director