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Chicago's History

How It All Began in Chicago

Over the last few years, local and national media attention about Chicago has been about gun violence and gangs. Challenging that narrative, a group of concerned citizens came together around the belief that with the right support, every child can achieve greatness.

Bringing Friends of the Children to Chicago started as a whimsical dream. However, through their passion, persistence and commitment, our early champions obtained the enthusiastic support of the Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation, the Steans Foundation, the Good Heart Work Smart Foundation and many other individuals deeply invested in the children who need it most. Launched in January 2018, Friends of the Children - Chicago is proud to serve children in the Austin and North Lawndale communities.

Join Us……

Friends of the Children – Chicago welcomes partners who share our national vision and mission to change stories. At Friends of the Children – Chicago, we aren’t just changing the stories of children facing the highest risks, we’re changing the collective stories of our community for the long run. Our work is focused on one child at a time, and it affects everyone.

Friends of the Children – Chicago strives to reshape the overall response from the community to view our children as powerful and full of potential. We are committed to the youth we serve – for to 12 ½ years, no matter what.