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Ms Belinda and Mauri

The Beginning of a 12 year Journey

Meet Mauri. Mauri joined FriendsNY in the fall of 2015 after being selected from one of our partner schools. Right away, she was paired with Ms. Belinda, one of out longest serving professional Mentors. Every week, Ms. Belinda visits Mauri's classroom to give her the one-on-one attention and guidance she needs. When Mauri visits the Friend's Place after school, she eagerly greets everyone with a smile. Whether she is doing homework, reading, baking, or making crafts with Ms. Belinda, her vivacious personality shines. Ms. Belinda guides Mauri through the many academic and social challenges she faces, knowing that she is preparing her for a future as a high school graduate who has avoided the juvenile justice system and teenage parent hood.