June 08, 2020

"Mr. Felix, people are shooting outside"

For most of us, the multiple crises and unrest have been theoretical and distant. We read about them in the news and agonize over them with friends, but they have not directly impacted our loved ones or us. The youth and families in our program live at the epicenter of these compounding crises, including the escalating gang violence in their neighborhoods.

We don’t have a magic solution to these systemic problems. But, for all of us, it's love and support that ground us, that gives us the strength to live through another day. Our Friends continue to be there for our youth and their families – no matter what.

Friends provide consistent, emotional support to process the increased stress, fear, anger, questions and frustration. Friends validate our families’ feelings and concerns and bear witness to all that is happening, ensuring that every parent, caregiver and child feels heard and accepted. Our Friends offer practical suggestions for solving immediate problems and connecting to needed services.

Helping our youth feel grounded and safe is critical for their overall well-being. And feeling safe is an essential requirement for focusing on academics and enrichment activities.

Please support our Now More Than Ever campaign so that our Friends can continue being a pillar of support for our families.

Thank you for all that you can do.

With gratitude,
Taal Hasak-Lowy, Executive Director