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Mr. Danny and Ty

The Finish Line 12 Years in the Making

Mr. Danny is our longest serving professional mentor at FriendsNY. He has seen his boys grow from curious kindergartners to confident young men. Ty is one of those boys. Mr. Danny has been there for his ups and downs with unyielding support and encouragement on the basketball court, in the classroom, at the Friend's Place, and beyond. When Ty struggled academically, Mr. Danny helped him with his homework and advocated on his behalf at school; knowing that Ty was determined to progress. Mr. Danny collaborated with our Clinical and Education Services (CES) to help Ty transfer to a specialized private school where he could receive the individualized academic and social/emotional support he deserved. In addition to educational advocacy, Mr. Danny and Ms. Yelena from CES supported Ty to leverage opportunities within and beyond FriendsNY. In February 2016, Ty completed all the requirements and earned his diploma! His success perfectly illustrates the benefits of our unique model: a child with willpower to flourish was given the tools and encouragement through a steady relationship with a professional mentor and community of FriendsNY.