June 09, 2022

Jamal's* Journey with Self-Confidence

We are committed to empowering each of our youth to believe in themselves and achieve their goals.

At Friends of the Children-Chicago we know how important it is for a child to believe in themselves. That’s why self-determination is one of our nine core assets. Our Friends empower each of our kids to have confidence in their abilities and ensure they have the skills to set and achieve their own goals.

Jamal* often feels powerless due to situations in his life he cannot control. He lacks confidence and struggles with self-doubt at home and in school. Jamal and his Friend Aaron talked about his feelings and together they are working to help Jamal gain self-confidence and realize that he has the potential to accomplish great things.

Aaron and Jamal are exploring affirmations, powerful statements he can say to himself in times of self-doubt and fear to remember his worth and capabilities. The skatepark offered Jamal an opportunity to use those affirmations to build his self-assurance. He recently got a new skateboard and was scared to use it, especially on the biggest ramp.

After some practice runs on smaller ramps, and a lot of encouragement from Aaron, Jamal stood atop the big ramp and shouted the affirmation: “I will be brave, there is no fear.” He rode down the ramp and smiled wide, feeling proud of himself.

This is what Friends of the Children-Chicago is all about. Aaron will walk by Jamal's side through every obstacle and celebrate every achievement. With consistent support and encouragement Jamal will learn what we already know to be true: there is no limit to his potential.