April 18, 2020

Inhale, Exhale, Giggle

Meditation can reverse the body’s stress response, shielding you from the many negative effects of chronic stress. But it can be really challenging to sit still and let your mind settle down.

Second-grader Triana* lives with her grandparents, five siblings and cousins, and sometimes a few aunts and uncles. She is full of spunk and creativity and also quick to anger and fight. Her grandmother is struggling with Triana’s behavior and reached out to her Friend Melanie for assistance. Melanie is helping Grandma create more structure for Triana and is devoting more time to Triana so that she can get some much-needed, individual attention.

Melanie also started doing meditation exercises with Triana. Triana loves it. And like me, Triana’s mind wanders. Watch Triana in action and then see how long you can stay focused and still.

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