September 21, 2021

Ariana’s Growth as She Tackles a New Hobby!

How Ariana* has embraced our core assets and grown alongside her plants.

Ariana* fully embraces Friends of the Children’s core assets, Find Your Spark and Perseverance & Grit. She has a creative imagination and enjoys trying new things. Her Friend Lynette has ignited a new passion within her – gardening!

This spring Lynette brought tomato plants to Ariana’s house and got her whole family involved with planting them. Then Lynette taught Ariana everything she needs to know to care for her new plants.

Ariana and her plants have blossomed together. She loves it so much that she has made watering her plants a part of her morning routine. Lynette does regular plant check-ins with Ariana and even when the plants require hard work like weeding, Ariana digs into these challenges to see her garden grow.

We can’t wait to see how much more Ariana and her plants grow through this journey.